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IronGloves Fitness Test

Ask yourself “Are you ready for the Challenge?”


Core Yoga focuses on MMA injuries today

Today’s class will be focusing on hip and leg injuries for the MMA fighters.

Class time: 5:15pm to 6:30pm (bring towel)

Prices: visit IronCoreYoga price page

Any questions feel free to call 480.777.9170

So your missed your Workout

‘No Excuses’ 10 Minute Workout for you!

Missing just one workout increases your odds by 61% of missing another (and another, and another). There will be times when your day just doesn’t allow you to get a workout in, or you cannot even spare a quick hour in your day.

Solution: Create your own 10-Minute workout. All you need is 6 feet of floor space and you’re good to go. You can always find 10 minutes to spare!

(feel free to add 1 more exercise of your own)
1. Mobility: Walking lunge or power jumps.
2. Core: Any bridge or plank.
3. Lower Body: Any squat or lunge.
4. Upper Body: Any row our pushup.
5. Cardio: Burpees or jumping jacks.

1. Beginner: Exercise 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds, continue.
2. Intermediate: 40 seconds of exercise, with 20 seconds rest.
3. Advanced: 50 seconds of exercise, with 10 seconds rest.
4. Insane: 60 seconds of exercise, with no rest.

The purpose of this workout type is to build muscle, burn fat. Perform your chosen exercises in the order listed, moving from one to the next according to your selected fitness level. Do two rounds of 1 through 5.

Feel free to substitute any of the exercises, but do keep the same format order 1 through 5; Mobility, Core, Lower Body, Upper Body, Cardio