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Memorial Day Gym Hours

Memorial Day hours, Monday May 26th
We are our closing early.
Hours will be: 7:30am to 4:30pm

No 6:30 Bootcamp that night

USA Boxing Senior Nationals

USA Boxing toost the First USA Boxing Senior National Championships

USA Boxing will host the first-ever USA Boxing Senior National Championships, July 28 to August 2, in conjunction with the Ringside Tournament in Kansas City. The event will consist of the 10 men’s weight divisions with all of the action being contested with headgear.

There will be no entry fee for the tournament and the entry deadline is Friday July 18th. Don’t miss this chance to win a national championship, register now.

Tournament registration will be solely online and can be accessed via this Link

Boxing Bootcamp in Tempe

Monday’s class was the bomb! Our classes will blow away all others, especially the groupon classes that you all have tried by now (ugh!)

1st Timers… come to ours, mention this Blog post and get 1/2 off, pay only $5.00.

You do need to supply your own 180″ handwraps. We sell wraps for $10.
The boxing gloves we do supply for you.

Your IronGloves Team – See you Soon!

$5 Discount deal expires June 30, 2014

How to Burn Belly Fat

Hint: Don’t Do Sit Ups! by

Millions of people every single year look for ways to get rid of their belly fat.

Although you get fat all around your body (that’s why it’s called ‘body fat’), the fat you get on your stomach is the most noticeable and, for most people, the first place for fat to develop. It’s also the toughest area of your body to shed fad.

Because your abdominal area (belly) is the nearest area of your body to your stomach, it’s the first place that fat cells develop which means that if you’re putting on weight, you’re bound to start seeing a layer of soft belly fat developing before anything else.

Now, over the years, really useful weight loss facts have been diluted and changed so much that so much BAD advice is given to people looking to lose stomach fat…

We’re going to set the record straight with this article about losing belly fat.

The absolute key point you need to remember about losing belly fat is that you cannot burn fat from specific parts of your body. It’s just not how your body works – you need to lower your body fat instead. This will allow you to reduce the amount of excess fat you carry around in total which will reduce your stomach fat too.

Because ‘abs exercises’ (such as sit ups and crunches) just get you to sit down and flex your abdominal muscles, you are only working to tone those muscles and NOT to burn the fat around them.

To turn your body into a fat burning machine, you need to do two things when exercising. The first is to increase your heart rate so that your muscles receive the most amount of oxygen possible. This will boost your metabolism because your body will believe that you’re getting plenty of food.

The second thing is to actually exercise as much of your body as hard as possible. Going on a long run, doing an intensive cardio routine, going for a ride on your bicycle are all top ways to get your muscles into “overdrive” mode which then encourages your body to burn more fat.

To lose belly fat, you need to make sure that you do these intensive workouts at least 2-3 times a week so that you can enjoy the benefits of a body that’s constantly in ‘fat burning mode’.

However, there’s also another side to the story. Your diet. Our bodies store fat on our belly because it’s the quickest place to put it. Fat is just energy that the body can burn later and the amount that’s stored depends entirely on your ‘metabolism’. Now, without getting into too much detail about metabolism and how you can control it, the key point you need to remember about losing belly fat is that you need to burn more energy than you consume.

Your body stores fat because it wants a safe place to get energy from in the future, if you can’t find anything to eat. To burn your excess fat, you need to be able to deprive your body of enough energy to warrant the burning of fat.


The Most Useless Exercise Ever- Men’s Health Magazine August 2011

If you want to scream any time you see an ad for some ab exercise contraption that’ll “guarantee a flat stomach!”—we feel you. Does anyone still believe crunches help burn belly fat? (If so, they’re an idiot.)

Here’s more evidence: A recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that simply performing sit-ups, crunches, and other ab exercises won’t do much (correction: anything) to reduce belly fat.

One group of study subjects performed ab exercises 5 days a week while the control group did nothing. At the end of 6 weeks, there was no significant change in stomach fat in either group. Everyone was told not to change their diet.

In short: Ab exercises didn’t flatten people’s stomachs. In fact, they were just as effective as doing absolutely jack.

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So if you want flat abs, what should you do? It’s not as simple as plodding on the treadmill for 20 minutes a day: New research reveals some types of exercise burn more fat than your local steakhouse—while others only burn up your time.

Fat-Loss Myths: It’ll take you 250,000 crunches to burn a pound of fat. “Aerobic activity must be a part of the exercise prescription. Crunches and such are great to increase abdominal and core strength, but just performing these alone will not increase caloric expenditure above that which is needed to facilitate sizeable fat loss,” says study researcher John Smith, PhD., HFS, an assistant professor at Texas A&M University-San Antonio.

Steady-state aerobic exercise alone isn’t particularly great for weight loss, either. One study published in Obesity found that after a year of hourlong cardio sessions for 6 days per week, people only lost 3.5 pounds. (The study asked participants to leave their diets unchanged.)

“Research has shown over and over that steady-state aerobic exercise alone has a minimal effect on fat loss,” says Jeff Halevy, NYC-based celebrity trainer & CEO of Halevy Life. “With all due respect, because I do truly respect their accomplishments, how many recreational marathoners and half-marathoners cross the finish line with a little belly in tow? Looking at the typical finish line, plenty of them.”

Go Fast to Blast Fat You’ve heard a million times that you can’t spot-train fat. And while that’s true in terms of, say, crunching for flat abs, research shows that certain modes of training affect overall fat loss more than others.

One of them: High-intensity training. A study out of the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University found that men who performed sprint interval training for a total of 2.5 hours (including recovery) over the course of 2 weeks has the same results as the group who performed endurance training for a total of 10.5 hours over the same time period.

More evidence: A study of 15 women found that high-intensity exercise (40 to 45 minutes approximately four times weekly at a mean HR of 163 bpm) reduced body fat by about 5 percent over the course of 15 weeks versus a virtually unchanged percentage in the group that performed exercise at a lower heart rate (132 beats per minute).

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The Power Combo for Fat Loss: Strength Plus Cardio Combining strength training with aerobic exercise leads to greater fat loss than aerobic exercise alone, research shows. A recent study found that obese adolescents who participated in a 30-minute aerobic plus 30-minute strength-training workout three times per week lost nearly four times more fat than those who just did hourlong aerobic training at a similar intensity. There was about a 3 percent fat loss in the cardio-only group, and 11.5 percent fat loss in the cardio-and-strength group over 1 year.

In another study, this time from Penn State University, dieters all lost about 21 pounds. But the group who performed strength and cardio shed about 6 more pounds of fat than groups who didn’t exercise or who only did aerobics. The reason: The other groups shed muscle, too.

“Proper diet and cardio alone will make you weigh less, but that weight loss isn’t fat alone—you’re losing muscle, too, and not building anything to give your body athletic shape,” Halevy says. “But if you’re after fat loss, aside from accelerating it, strength training will also preserve muscle. This means when the fat is gone, you’ll have a lean, athletic body to show for it.”

Resistance training has a big effect on post-workout caloric burn, which may help explain why it’s so essential to fat loss. A study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that high-volume resistance training increased resting energy expenditure (REE) by about 8 percent for up to 72 hours post workout.

The bottom line: Ab exercises make your abs look great—once that layer of fat on top of them is gone. But working your abs isn’t the best way to a flat belly, and crunches aren’t even the best way to work your abs!