Body Fat Percentages



Body fat percentage in athletes:
Athletes typically have significantly lower body fat. For example, body fat percentages of about 20 percent for fit women, and 10 percent for fit men are not uncommon.

Body fat percentage increases with improper weight gain:
For average people that do not work out, weight-gain equals fat-gain. Our body fat increases while our lean tissue or muscle remains fairly constant. So for most people, body fat percentage increases with every pound of weight gained.

Body fat percentage and weight loss:
In general, whenever you reduce weight by following a sensible weight loss diet, you lose mostly body fat. Even though you also lose some lean tissue (muscle), you lose a lot more fat. So your body fat percentage will reduce. However, if you fast, or try a fad diet, or use weight loss pills, most of your weight loss may be water-only. So your body fat percentage will stay virtually unchanged.

Body fat percentage and repeated dieting:
Repeated dieting involving weight loss then weight gain then weight loss etc.
(yo-yo weigh loss) tends to increase our body fat percentage. Because when we lose weight we also lose some muscle, but when we regain weight this muscle is not replaced. Result? We have increased our fat and decreased our muscle thus raising our body fat percentage. Another reason why it is important to exercise when dieting, in order to reduce muscle loss.

Normal body fat percentage:
A certain amount of fat is essential for energy reserves, bodily functions and body protection. However, at present there is no definite guidelines on healthy body fat percentage.

Body fat distribution:
Where your excess body fat is distributed is as important than the amount of
body fat you have. Recent studies have shown that extra fat around the waist
means a higher risk for developing ill-health (as in a heart attack) than fat carried on the thighs and buttocks.

KEY IS TO ALWAYS KEEP EXERCISING. Even if for only 10-15 minutes per day.
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