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Weight Room Cybex, Precor, Muscle D, Magnum

IronGloves in 2 more weeks will have its professional weightlifting room completed 1,600+ sq ft. To also include Elite Fitness Collegiate Power Rack. Bumper plates galore!

Boxing Boot Camp Tempe, Arizona

Mon & Wed 6:30pm
Saturday 12:00pm

Boxing Group Class

Boxing Group Class

Boot Camp Class- Warrior Training in Tempe, AZ

A new Boot Group Camp class is coming to town this Thursday 7pm to 8pm.
WARRIOR TRAINING by Joe Leinhauser
Bootcamp boxing classes- Warrior Training
See full Class Schedule


NFL Steve Weatherford demonstrates Crunch + Ham Curl

The NFL’s fittest man, Super Bowl champion Steve Weatherford, demonstrates.

This cool device is by: Flyte Fitness

Exercise of the Week by Core Flyte

Gorilla Kettlebells at Onnit

Are You Serious Enough About Your Kettlebell Workout?

Gorilla Kettlebells

Gorilla Kettlebells

These can be purchased online at
They offer a military discount. Onnit has quality fitness equipment, great supplements, cool apparel too. It is just a bloody bad-ass company!

How to Measure Boxing Gloves to Fit Properly

How to Measure Boxing Glove Size For Your Hand Fit

If you are right handed, measure you right hand, if left handed, then measure left. 

Circumference is measured around the knuckles.

Small size: 6″ to 7.5″ circumference = 12 oz glove

Regular/Medium size: 7.5″ to 8.5″ circumference = 14 oz. glove

XL size: 9.5″ and above circumference = 18 oz. or 20 oz glove


Buddy Boxing Training in Tempe

Group Boxing

Boxing Buddy

Save money, train with a friend!

BoxMaster coming to Tempe

IronGloves will be adding this fine piece of equipment to its gym. Think Outside Of The Ring. Box Master is coming to us from Australia.



Kettlebell & Boxing Class

Every Thursday at 7:00p to 8:00p Kettlebell & Boxing group class.
NO CONTRACTS, come & go as you wish.
You only need 180″ handwraps, we sell for $10, or bring your own.

$10 per class
​or buy more and save
4 classes for $35 ($8.75 per class)
8 classes for $65 ($8.12 per class)
​10 classes for $80 ($8.00 per class)