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Boxing Hand Wrapping

This is a very simple yet effective way to wrap hands. There are many YouTube videos out there, this is one we use, keeping it quick and complete.

We only use 180 inches semi-stretch of wraps, they will conform and mold better over your knuckles. Also with ‘semi-stretch’ as opposed to ‘classic’ style wraps, they do not scratch (like sand paper).
Note: This is NOT a competition wrap, this is a wrap style that we use for our classes and personal training — meant to be quick, easy, and offering protection.


Weight Room Cybex, Precor, Muscle D, Magnum

IronGloves in 2 more weeks will have its professional weightlifting room completed 1,600+ sq ft. To also include Elite Fitness Collegiate Power Rack. Bumper plates galore!

Arizona Amateur Fights April 21

Arizona Amateur Fights Saturday April 21, 2018

This is the nicest venue, the place is immaculate. Tons of room, plenty of seating, air conditioning, lots of snacks to eat.

We have 3 fighters competing.

Location: Salvation Army Kroc Center Phoenix
1375 E Broadway Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85040
(602) 425-5000

Admission: $10
Start Time: 2:00pm

Arizona Amateur Fights

Amateur Fights Phoenix, Arizona this Saturday June 10, 2017.

Time: 2:00pm
Admission: $10
Location: 7009 S 10th St, Phoenix, AZ 85042

Rival Heavy Bags at IronGloves Boxing Gym

IronGloves is the only boxing club in Arizona to have a gym full of Rival bags. Rival is top of the line in bags. Their incredible soft-style leather makes the punches feel more realistic.

Rival Heavy Bag

Rival Pro Heavy Bag

We have:
one 250 lb heavy bag
two 200 lb heavy bag
one 150 lb banana bag

Chris Lopez boxing this weekend

Chris won the Golden Gloves earlier this year. He will be competing this weekend in Phoenix along with two of our other fighters Shareef Steven & Christopher Romero.
Arizona vs New Mexico fight.



Danny ‘Swift’ Garcia in Phoenix

Danny ‘Swift’ Garcia in Phoenix Arizona mark your calendars ? Meet & greet this Sat April 2nd from 2pm-5pm @ Dillard’s arrowhead mall in Glendale. Get there early! #teamdsg #irongloves #ironglovesboxing #arizonaboxing #TempeBoxing #DannySwift IronGloves Boxing Gym in Tempe are super big fans of Danny!

Boxing Workout step-by-step layout

Boxing Workout — Hey members, when you come in for Open Gym think no more, here you go, a step by step workout for everyone. Train like a Champion – Train like a Warrior!
And for those that are out of state, hope you can get some use out of this great workout. Hard Work = Payoff!

IronGloves Boxing Thanksgiving Hours

Thursday & Friday

thanksgiving gym hours