Diary of the Heavy Bag- Training Tips


The key to the heavy bag is learning to use it properly. In return, it will help develop power and hand speed along with overall body conditioning.I suggest not using bag gloves, this could harm your hands over time. I recommend using 14 oz. gloves for the guys and 12 oz. for the girls.Wear a mouthpiece when hitting the bag, this will help build up the lungs. Learn to breath properly, in and out of your nose. Do not get in the habit of holding your breath as you punch, this will be a difficult habit to break. Always exhale as you hit.

Every boxer should know how to pull their punches. This is mandatory when I train my people on the heavy bag. To pull a punch: As you hit the heavy bag, drive into the bag 3 to 4 inches, whip it back to your defensive position as fast as possible. If the bag is swinging or rocking excessively, then this means you are pushing (the bag) more than you are whipping back your punch. A proper strike should have a snap on it with a cracking sound upon contact.

As your speed increases on the heavy bag so will your back speed. To accomplish both, it will prevent you from being counter punched. It will also help you with your balance, preventing you from falling forward or leading with your chin.

Bag work is like road work, it needs to be changed up. Speed work, interval work, and power work all should be incorporated. I recommend 3 to 4 days a week on the heavy bag, and to always change the tempo.

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I. 3 to 4 rounds standing in place for 45 to 60 seconds, working your inside boxing skills.
For instance, body shots, hooks, and short right crosses. Concentrate on stiff short
punches, along with moving your head to one side and the other. Be aware of your hip
and shoulder rotation. Finish the round with machine guns for 5 to 10 seconds nonstop.
Rest only 30 seconds between rounds.

II. 3 to 4 rounds moving around the bag for 2 to 3 minutes while working outside and
while moving side to side. Work on timing of your punches with the movement of the
bag. Concentrate on your footwork by doing less punching. Use your jab and cross while
moving around the bag, staying focused on your footwork. By doing this, it will seriously
improve your physical endurance. Rest at least 1 minute between rounds.

III. 3 to 4 rounds; the first 20 seconds stand in place and go all out using combinations.
The next 30 seconds move around pulling your punches. End with 10 seconds machine
guns, for a total of 1 to 2 minute rounds.

There are several types of heavy bag interval training. The most important factor is to keep up with your bag training, don’t think you can skip a day. Keep changing up your bag training mode, this will keep your body shocked so that you do not become too comfortable in a pacing type style.



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