Four Levels of Boxing

Boxing 4 Levels at IronGloves

IronGloves Boxing/Joe Leinhauser ‘4 Levels of Boxing’ copyrighted © 1995

LEVELS   1  ●  2  ●  3  ●  4

To our IronGloves Members: The four levels were formulated as road map guidance for your learning knowledge. To assure you are progressing each week and are on the precise road of learning the ‘Art of Boxing’.

Making headway and advancing at every lesson is also reliant on your dedication. It is essential to practice all that you learn, commit yourself by working on coordination, timing, balance, punching speed, and cardiovascular conditioning. There are over 150+ different boxing drills that are spread out over Levels 1, 2, and 3. Practice, practice is key! SHADOW BOXING is crucial!

Your coach will answer any questions about the levels, and where you stand at any point of your training. He can give you an approximate of when to expect advancing onto the next level.

For the person that is only interested in doing our program for fitness, you will still be taught the levels. This is what will 100% get you in shape. You came to a boxing gym, so allow and trust boxing (us) to get you in the best shape ever!


Introduction to Boxing:
  • Throwing straight punches (jab, low jab, double jab, one-two, right hand)
  • Proper fighting stance
  • Beginning stage of footwork
  • Shadow boxing

Level 1 is where your timing verses your coordination is developed using varied types of boxing drills. Balance and awkwardness is corrected/perfected before advancing to Level 2. Your conditioning must be in tip top shape before moving onward. This is why it is important to keep up with your cardio, as in jump rope, sprints, jogging, stadium strairs, whatever your exercise choice may be. Shadow boxing plays a big role in cardio improvement, keep this up daily, occasionally shadow box with 2 lb. to 3 lb. dumbbells in each hand.


Level 2 begins the one-two series of which the hook and uppercut is taught from. Heavy bag work application(s).

  • Uppercut, left hook, etc.
  • Body shots
  • Combinations
  • Defense skills
  • Bob & weave
  • Slips
  • Footwork performed in the ring w/pivoting and side shuffle
  • Medicine ball & advanced plyometrics

It is at Level 2 you are expected to perform 1 to 2 minutes for 2 to 3 rounds on the heavy bag. Your abdominal work should be at an advanced stage.

  • Power & speed begins
  • Counter punching
  • Advanced defensive skills
  • Speed bag
  • Double end bag
  • Advanced focus mitts
  • Timing drills
  • Extreme conditioning drills
  • Jump rope routines
LEVEL 4 (Sparring)

Level 4 is for sparring preparation. You are not required to spar, sparring is only for those that wish to go that one step further, taking it to the “real feel of it all”.

  • Sparring preparation
  • Your skills are appraised by the coach

When it comes time to spar, you are then matched up with an opponent with similar skill levels, along with height and weight.