Tighten & Tone up in 30 days


It’s very basic, it’s doesn’t take long to do, nothing to purchase but a jump rope, most importantly it works the whole body!

If you need to get in shape quick for a special day coming up, then give this workout a try. It targets all your muscles and pumps up the heart, your legs especially will get hammered! All you need to purchase is a jump rope. Drink plenty of water during and afterwards.

Begin at a comfortable pace, meaning, do whatever amount and duration you can. You might only be able to do 2 rounds of jump rope for 30 seconds, that’s fine, you still must complete numbers 1 through 8. Just keep pushing yourself, by the end of your second week you should be able to double with what you started off with.

Here’s your Drill: Do this routine 3 days per week.
1. Jump Rope: 4 rounds of 1 1/2 minutes [Beginner: 2 rounds of 30+ seconds]
2. Ab Crunches: 25-50 reps x 2 sets [Beginner: 8 – 12 reps x 1 set]
3. Jump Rope: 2 rounds of 1 1/2 minutes [Beginner: 2 rounds of 30+ seconds]
4. Pushups: 10-20 reps x 3 sets [Beginner: 8 -12 reps x 2 sets]
5. Jump Rope: 1 round until breathless [Beginner: same, jump until breathless]
6. Tricep Dips: 12-15 reps x 3 sets [Beginner: 8 – 10 x 2 sets]
7. Ab Crunches: 25-50 reps x 2 sets [Beginner: 8 – 12 reps x 1 set]
8. Karate Squats: 10-20 reps x 3 sets [Beginner: 10 reps x 2 sets]

Tricep Dips can be performed using a chair, keep your elbows slightly tucked in, don’t allow them to flair out too wide.

Karate Squats is just a squat without using any weight. Feet shoulder width apart, hands on hips, squat down to parallel position, making sure that your knees do not extend beyond your toes. In down position raise your arms forward (straight out), hands back on hips as you straighten your knees coming up.

To get in even faster defined shape, work out 5 days per week by picking a different form of exercise. It could be boxing drills (shadow boxing, heavy bag rounds, speed bag work), or weight lifting, or machine circuit training, etc.

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