USA Boxing Judging Rules

From: USA Boxing Board of Directors, LBC Director
Date: September 28, 2013
Re: Q & A on Rules Questions for new USA Boxing Rulebooks


Question: Tell me how a bout is judged by the official? What is the judge looking for from my boxer?

Answer: Each judge will independently score the merits of the two (2) boxers using the scoring system based on the following criteria which are weighted equally:

Number of quality blows on target area Domination of the bout Competitiveness Technique and tactics superiority Non-infringement of the rules.

After each round, the judge must apply the following criteria to score the round:

10 vs. 9 – Close round

10 vs. 8 – Clear winner

10 vs. 7 – Total dominance

10 vs. 6 – Overmatched

Question: If my boxer is losing the round by a wide margin and knocks the opponent down in the last 30 seconds, will my boxer win the round?

Answer: No, the boxer scoring the knockdown would probably not win the round since they lost the majority of the round. This is not like the professional scoring system where a knockdown wins you a round. The judges have to judge the total performance of the boxer from the first second to the last and then make an evaluation as to who was the superior boxer in that total round.

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